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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2022  @ 11th Annual Health Wellness & Lifestyle Expo

Lift It Forward

and Plank For Peace

Welcome to the 1st Annual Lift It Forward / Plank For Peace sponsored by Chelsea Piers Athletic Club and hosted by the 11th Annual Health Wellness & Lifestyle Expo. Each year, this event will bring together trainers, coaches, athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels to raise funds for those in need. This year's event will benefit the humanitarian efforts of the Ukrainian National Women's League of America ( and Revived Soldiers Ukraine (

Contests include MOST CHIN UPS, MOST PUSH UPS, LONGEST PLANK and OVERALL BEST combining all three. You can test your skill or compete for great prizes, enter the raffle or simply cheer on the competitors - all are welcome! There is a minimum donation of $25 to participate for prizes; however, any amount is greatly appreciated! Every prize competitor also receives a gift swag bag, 10 raffle tickets with the minimum donation and, an additional ticket for every $10 donated above the minimum!



  • Overall Best (male and female) - 3 month Chelsea Piers Athletic Club membership, award plaque, and participant gift bag.

  • Longest Plank  - 1 month Chelsea Piers Athletic Club membership and participant gift bag.

  • Most Chin Ups -  (male and female) - 1 month Chelsea Piers Athletic Club membership and participant gift bag.

  • Most Push Ups (male and female) - 1 month Chelsea Piers Athletic Club membership, and participant gift bag.

  • All Participants ($25 minimum donation) - Participant gift bag with souvenir swag and 10 raffle tickets



Go for your best time! Here's what our judges/timers will be looking for:

  • Get in a low plank position on your forearms and toes.

  • Squeeze your glutes and brace your abs.

  • Keep a neutral neck and spine.

  • Create a straight, strong line from head to toes.

  • Hold that position.

  • If your knees or quads touch the ground the plank is over!


Come test your personal best against fellow fitness enthusiasts by competing in any or all of the contests. Here's what our judges/spotters will be looking for:

Chin Up / Pull Up

  • Each chin up must be started from a hanging position—i.e. arms must be straight.

  • Competitors may select either pull ups or chin ups but cannot do both.

  • The bottom of the chin must be raised above the bar for each repetition to be counted.

Push Up:

  • You must lower your body to the ground until elbow is bent at a 90° angle or less before pushing back up to the starting point.

  • When going back to starting position your arms must be fully extended for the push-up to count.


T: 475 - 257 - 2323


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